Tom Graham


Table (48x37x66cm), Two table lamps, Table cloth, Shadow puppets.

“I conjure up myth and fact”, in his assessment he spoke.

“How many species of formless shadow were identified?”

“Five from the twenty three shadows that were present on site”,

was the response.

“And of their intelligence?”

“Of their intelligence, they offered no response”

“’Tis to be expected from lying there in such a manner”

“The examination of light reaction provided definitive research”,

he concluded.

“How so?”

“The innumerable mass of shadows assaulted the light; they spoke,

offering no hostility only demanding a chance to debate the concern”.

“What of their behavioural characteristics?”

“Conclusive studies suggest that they are most responsive when inanimate,

however this has yet to be proven”, he admitted.

“I see”.