This is the first of the "Roll-Over Exhibitions" held in IADT in November and December 2009.
Kaleidoscope takes place on November 2nd 2009 in the 4th Year Space and the 4d Room. It was organised by a group of 4th Year Day and ACCS students who are in their final year of the Visual Arts Practise (Hons) Degree Course.

Emer Brady

Single-channel video projection,colour, sound, duration 3mins, looped.

Siblings is an abstract exploration of order and chaos, where a given pattern, familial order, is subjected to another real time pattern, flowing water.

Jessica Conway

you're a busy girl aren't you
Sound and Projection

This piece stems from investigations into spoken word and our everyday use of language.

Pamela de Brí

Work and Progress
Paper, Glass, Wax, Resin, Found objects

This on-going project is responding to the impact that certain decisions, made by those in authority, have had on Irish economy and self-sufficiency, in this case, a section of the former Midland and Great Western Railway complex, latterly a bus building workshop. Through it I hope to celebrate the pride and the skills of the former workers.

Helen Downey

Coke Ovens
Wall Installation

Be careful of hobos here..

How did you get in there ?

He moved away and got a girlfriend..

Did they tell you he went mad ?

It's goin to take us weeks to get rid of all this stuff...

John Cantillon, Do you know him ?

We can't knock down the house...

My work focuses on uncovering layers of truth from debris.

Tom Graham


Table (48x37x66cm), Two table lamps, Table cloth, Shadow puppets.

“I conjure up myth and fact”, in his assessment he spoke.

“How many species of formless shadow were identified?”

“Five from the twenty three shadows that were present on site”,

was the response.

“And of their intelligence?”

“Of their intelligence, they offered no response”

“’Tis to be expected from lying there in such a manner”

“The examination of light reaction provided definitive research”,

he concluded.

“How so?”

“The innumerable mass of shadows assaulted the light; they spoke,

offering no hostility only demanding a chance to debate the concern”.

“What of their behavioural characteristics?”

“Conclusive studies suggest that they are most responsive when inanimate,

however this has yet to be proven”, he admitted.

“I see”.

Jacinta Jardine

The Good Shit

Interactive projection & participation desk with stickers

It has become an increasingly prevalent phenomenon that the world's media inform us incessantly of how terrible life is. We are unwillingly reminded from every angle; from the newspapers, television, contemporary art and even conversations around us, that life is hard, harsh and unforgiving, that the world is full of unsolvable problems and that it is probably all our fault.

Seldom are we actually reminded of the good in our lives and, understandably, it is something we are beginning to forget.

This piece centres on the various answers to a question, posed to the class and on a blog page, regarding seemingly insignificant personal pleasures which could be universally enjoyed if shared with others; bringing to light the enjoyable parts of life which often go overlooked. The aim is to create a volume of uplifting information which counteracts the mass of bleak data with which we are surrounded.

Aaron Lowry


Pencil Drawing on board, 120 x 85cm

"How?", not in the sense of "How does it manifest itself?", but "By what means is it exercised?" and "What happens when individuals exert (as they say) power over others?"

Michel Foucault
The Subject and Power

Hannah Leggett


2 x A3 Black & White photographs

Mapping a process of growth and change through images, with layers of life that have passed and comparing them with a composition of the life of today.

Can we freeze these special moments of transformation?

Jacqueline Nicholson


Oil on Canvas

My work is process based.
It is an exploration through abstraction and figuration, using the three primary colours plus white.

Deborah Smith

Sound Installation, Fan, Paper and speakers

My work has focused on noticing the unnoticeable and capturing my reaction to the banal.

This piece challenges the combining of elements within my research and the notion of display. The work is delicately creating a moment of reflection between these two elements.

Ruby Staunton

Performance, 15 mins

Stella Thonett

Bound Collection of Sentences

Mixed media: books, table, chair

When reading a passage, are perceptions on an even keel with new ideas ? Is it possible to change the balance? What about all the other possible meanings for a word? Do we consider them? Or do we easily presume?