Jacinta Jardine

The Good Shit

Interactive projection & participation desk with stickers

It has become an increasingly prevalent phenomenon that the world's media inform us incessantly of how terrible life is. We are unwillingly reminded from every angle; from the newspapers, television, contemporary art and even conversations around us, that life is hard, harsh and unforgiving, that the world is full of unsolvable problems and that it is probably all our fault.

Seldom are we actually reminded of the good in our lives and, understandably, it is something we are beginning to forget.

This piece centres on the various answers to a question, posed to the class and on a blog page, regarding seemingly insignificant personal pleasures which could be universally enjoyed if shared with others; bringing to light the enjoyable parts of life which often go overlooked. The aim is to create a volume of uplifting information which counteracts the mass of bleak data with which we are surrounded.